02 October 2010

This Month Will Be Epic

Yes, you read that right.  This is going to be a most epic month here at "Girl and Guitar."  I mean seriously effing epic.  This means you better get all sorts of excited.  Two MAJOR announcements will be coming in the next thirty days.  Actually, two major announcements will be coming the next fifteen days.  How sweet is that?  Trust me when I say it's pretty effing sweet.

Announcement one can be expected on October 9th.  Or October 10th if I'm feeling especially lazy.  It's a pretty big announcement so be here.

Announcement two will come around the middle of the month and may or may not featured a limited opportunity to see the face behind this blog.  Yup, get excited for the one.

So mark your calendars now.  Seriously.  Open iCal and do it.



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