26 October 2010

I Am a Halloween Overachiever

In addition to being a Hooters overachiever, I am evidently also a Halloween overachiever.  I mean not only did I spend about fifteen hours making my Buzz Lightyear costume, I am also making Dreamy the most realistic Woody costume ever.  Now before you jump to the conclusion that I'm "one of those" girlfriends, I'll have you know that it was HIS idea to dress up as Woody.  Of course while it was his idea, it's been my idea to execute.  I am probably too nice.

So here I am on my Friday night - yes, my Friday is a Monday - dying a shirt yellow in a huge bucket.  It seems they don't sell bright yellow shirts for men.  At least not for 6'8, giant men.  Of course rather than buy a light yellow shirt I had to go all out and bust out the Rit dye.  My fingers are crossed that I don't get it all over my studio apartment.

In addition to the dying, I am going to painstakingly draw red lines all over the shirt with a fabric pen because everything I do has to be accurate.  I am already expecting hand cramps and future arthritis.  I also made him a cow-print vest.  And spurs.  And a working pull-string (yeah that one took awhile to figure out).

Oh and did I mention I made the most legitimate, amazing, nerdy-but-cool Hannah Montana costume ever worn by a 24-year-old once.  Well, I did.  That's how big this problem has become.

Dear Lord, help me in my addiction to costume perfection.  You can start by helping me win lots of costume contests at every bar we end up in.  I figure it's only fair, Lord.

After putting this post up, and looking at that picture of Buzz and Woody,  I realized we have just about the proper height difference for these characters.  And my boyfriend has a big head (size 8 plus here).  This is going to be so awesome.  Just ignore the Brokeback undertones of two generally male characters dating.


  1. Heh. Very clever. I'm sure it'll be great!

  2. (Just curious, you blacked your face out in the photo you posted with this entry but we can see it when we vote as well as your name...did you realize this too? Thought I'd ask/mention just in case!)

    Your costume is the most original!!! I hope you win. Your dedication is AMAZING.

  3. Yes, I know about the whole blacked out face thing though I do appreciate the heads up! I did this because I have purposely kept this blog anonymous no so much because I am worried about people knowing who I am, but more because I wanted to keep it more as an "every Hooters Girl." I chose to black out the face as a way of keeping my anonymity for those who had no interest in seeing who am (yes, there are some, trust me).

    Also, does it not make it a little more intriguing to click the link? ;)

    Remember to vote everyday!

  4. Sauce, darling, will you pleaaaaase post a picture of you and Dreamy all dressed up at some point? I know you have to block out faces and what not, but I want to see your amazing costume abilities! In return I'll promise to continue voting every single day for you. ;)

  5. After all this damn work you KNOW I will post a picture! I am just about to put all the red lines on his shirt. Ugh.

  6. I'm so excited about seeing the costumes!! I can imagine it now, and it looks awesome in my head.

    I'm making my own this year too. I'm going as BatGirl, and I've hand-stitched the utility belt components as well as the emblem for my chest. I made my own mask out of craft foam and cut my own cape from a length of fabric.

    Everything's coming together nicely except the cape...I think I picked some crappy material and I'm too lazy/cheap to go buy a new length of material, so if it sucks I'm just going to have to live with it. >_<

    Anyway, can't wait to see photos of Sauce and Dreamy dressed up as the most awesome duo EVER. :)



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