09 October 2010

Sauce and Dreamy the Diner Boy

Dreamy and I live on opposite sides of the clock.  We go to work exactly twelve hours apart.  This can be quite frustrating for a relationship, especially one that is relatively new.  We should be in the honeymoon phase, but here we are trying to make two very different schedules align for a few precious hours a day.  It's a pretty lame deal, but it's worth it to call a sweet, 6'8, hottie my man.

So why in the hell am I telling you all this?  You want to hear about Hooters.  Not my silly little relationship problems.  There are enough of those crappy blogs on the Internet.  I'm brining all this up because Dreamy is a graveyard waiter at Denny's.  And in that, my friends, I find humor.  There is just something mildly entertaining about the Hooters Girl dating the Denny's waiter.  It sounds like a movie that they should totally make.  Oh wait, they did make that and called it Waiting 2.  It was fairly lame.  Whatever.

Anyhooters, I generally go to work at 10:00 a.m. and Dreamy starts his shifts at 10:00 p.m.  Basically we live exactly the same life at totally different times of day.  It is not a "Grand Slam."  We'll meet up for a bit before he goes to work and I'll have dinner while he enjoys his breakfast.  It's all very humorously annoying.

What I find even more amusing is when I work the night shift and I roll into Denny's to give Dreamy a quick hello before bed.  There I am sitting at the counter bitching about my night, nylons and Hooters top barely visible under my cover up, while my boyfriend makes me an Oreo shake - extra Oreo of course.  The Hooters Girl visits the all night diner boy and they fall in love over talk of shitty tippers, drunken jerks and cranky cooks.  This, my friends, is a match made in food service heaven.

As long as we can figure out the scheduling this thing might just keep working.  It's already worked for a few months, so I suppose it'll just have to keep working.  I lo you, baby (my way of saying I more than like you, but less than love you).  I'm corny, deal with it.


  1. I tend to use, "I'm in like with you".

  2. Yo Sauce! We (meaning my clan in Idaho) LOVE reading anything you have to write. You are freaking HILARIOUS and we always enjoy reading all the posts - keep rockin!

  3. Sauce, you crack me up :-) That's a super sweet story. And it's totally do-able/work-able. Take it from someone who's relationship with her husband started just as we both moved to opposite sides of the country, corresponding only through written letters (yep, internet and phone were not options for him in basic training). We've been married 8 years and have made it through many separations because of training for him, along with a 15 month deployment. Trust me, it's totally do-able, and can be a lot of fun making it work. In fact, it was through our letters to each other that I realized I actually lo-ved him, because I got to know him much faster than I would have if we'd had time to spend/waste not talking to each other for hours while in the same room. Do you guys leave notes for each other? It always encouraged me to get a letter from him (even before we were worlds apart). I'm sure you've already started coming up with creative ways of nurturing the relationship. Super happy for you!



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