29 October 2010

Receipt Art: October 28, 2010

All this talk of Halloween cliches made me realize we all missed two major ones: ghosts and graveyards.  So what did I do?  I got all awesome and combined the two.  I suppose you do need graveyards to have ghosts after all.  Please enjoy.

It has come to my attention that none of my Halloween characters are very scary.  They most certainly are freaking adorable though.  This is easily my favorite Halloween receipt yet and I'd even go so far as to say it might be top five all time.  ALL EFFING TIME.  That's how much I love those little ghosts.  Is it possible to cuddle a spirit?

In addition to my receipt wonder, I am proud to announce that my crazy receipt drawings have finally inspired one of my trainees.  You see I always show my trainees my way of receipt personalization as well as what other girls do.  Most probably think I'm insane and then go ahead and just circle every possible thing with hearts and sign the bottom with a quick thank you like everyone else does.  It's cool, I understand that I'm a freak.

Then, in the trash, I found this (don't worry, it was gently laying on the top).  Yes, a trainee has made her own receipt masterpiece.  It may not be the most amazing thing ever, but that's not the damn point.  The point is she took the time to make it one of kind.  I am such a proud Mama Hoot.  My crazy is wearing off.


  1. Heh. Personally I prefer my Halloween art to be cute instead of scary. At least these days. I guess I'm getting old and sentimental.

  2. Have you done a witch silhouetted against the moon? That's pretty Halloweenish.

  3. The ghost above the jack is pretty ADORABLE. The way it has its arms raised as if it wants to be hugged or held like a little kid.

  4. How about some Charlie Brown inspired Halloween receipt art? Or you could look here--some awesome Halloween cakes that I think would look great as receipt art, too:




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