14 October 2010

Receipt Art: October 13, 2010

It's that time of year when people start to get all cliche and celebrate the harvest and Fall and paganism.  Of course most of us don't know a think about the harvest and most certainly are not pagans.  I'll give us all Fall though, except for people in Hawaii.  And those south of the Equator.  You get Spring instead (and no, I'm not saying Hawaii gets Spring).

Naturally, I jumped on this Fallalicious bandwagon and let the season inspire one of my receipts.  Of course by inspire I actually mean that I tried to put just about every cliche thing I could think of on this receipt in the 45 seconds I had to draw it.  I clearly went to town.

Note the pumpkin, jack-o-lanterns, bat, witch, and feeble attempt at cornstalks.  Also observe the moon with spooky clouds rolling in.  Maybe you noticed the scientifically inaccurate cloud floating behind the moon.  I drew the moon first.  So I bent scientific law to increase my stereotypical spook factor.  I'm an artist and I do what I want.

And of course I self-promoted my costume contest.  I have a BS in Marketing.  Forgive me if I try to use now and again - even if I'm doing it half-assed.  On that note, CLICK HERE AND VOTE FOR ME ON THE DAILY!

Happy Fall, lovies!


  1. I voted for you last night! Your outfit looked great and you are beautiful.


  2. Hey! All this time I thought something was missing from your pic and I just figured it out. Shouldn't there be a spider somewhere? Hanging from a web or something? Yeah, cliche . . .

  3. You are so right, J. Luckily you have given me a supreme idea for future artworks. Stay tuned for you the receipt art you just inspired!

  4. or you could jump on the lovely bandwagon and go with a vampire theme. Although I would stick with the dracula theme and not twilight



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