08 October 2010

Count on Fox to Make Hooters Look Skanky

Once again we've reached that amazing time of year when the new Hooters Calendar is available in stores around the country.  As always it's filled with hot chicks, months all out of order, more hot chicks, dates that go unnoticed and a few hot chicks.  Customers drool over the glossy, bikini-filled pages.  Hooters Girls critique.  You get the idea.

Feel free to enjoy the special double-sided cover of the 2011 Hooters Calendar.  I'm sure we can all approve.

Right after the calendar arrived in store, a man looking at the calendar had a look of confusion as he flipped through the pages.  I approached him ready to answer whatever question he could throw at me.

"I thought there were naked girls in the calendar!"

Awe yes, once again someone expects nudity.  This is an all too common question that always has the same answer.  A Hooters Calendar would NEVER feature nude girls.  It may imply nudity now and again, but you never see any actual nudity.  No nipple here, my friend.  Hooters may have an air of sexuality, but that's it.

"But the news blanked out the tops of the girls."

Wha?!  He then went on to explain to me how he saw the calendar girls on the news and that they had put privacy bars over some of the photos.  Naturally, this made him assume the calendar would be full of hot naked chicks.  I understood how he could be confused and of course as a good Hooters Girl blogger I did a little research when I got home.  I now present you the video in question.

Now seeing that would you expect a little nipple too?  Probably.  Miss March.  Not naked.  Cover girl.  Not naked.  Yup, that picture of the cover with a girl very obviously in a freaking bikini top got a red ribbon of shame.  Really, Fox News?  I mean it's even a patriotic themed bikini.  Shouldn't Fox be into that shit?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  It just seems silly to make something out of nothing.  Or to make nudity out of not-so-nudity.

Thanks for the press I guess?


  1. A while back there was a plan to open a Hooters here. The paper was filled with rabid letters to the editor about how "Savannah does not need another strip joint." Plan was quashed. Stupid. My sister-in-law, who is religious as they come, LOVES Hooters--she won't drive by one without stopping to get some wings. And her granddaughter works at the Hooters that eventually did open here out near the interstate. But my sister-in-law has actually been inside Hooters instead of letting others decide what it's like for her.

  2. Is Fox kidding with that? I could not believe where they put the red ribbons in an attempt to "hide" not nudity. That is ridiculous.

    It is a cute calendar. I especially like the theme of it and the last pic they showed of the Navy girl. I think I may have to get one for my husband for Christmas for work.



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